Obsessed with Tennis Balls

I've been thinking about the phrase "There is no right or wrong".

Birds outside my back window just sort of exist in their bird life.  They have no mental pressure to be "birdier" than they are.  In nature everything is balanced so there is no conflict inside of the animals.  And I was wondering if all animals are different then humans who create their own "drama" to be upset about.

And then I remembered my friends dog who was obsessed with tennis balls.  He clearly had a desire to chew, chase, and play with tennis balls non-stop... to the point that he actually did seem upset about it at times.  So how could an animal be causing mental pain to itself if animals in the wild don't seem to exhibit the same behavior?

Perhaps humans have corrupted some animals with their own traits over the years through breeding and changing their environments from what is natural.  A dog obsessed with tennis balls in the wild would probably die if it didn't focus on living a wild dog life.  An animal not in their natural state is not at peace it seems.

As a human, if you don't have any desires that are causing internal pain, what do you do?  If you want nothing and you are at peace, that seems like a good end goal, but do you just sit around and meditate all day?  

Perhaps, we should do whatever is aligned with our own natural state.  A painter should paint, a teacher should teach, an adventurer should go on adventures, and an alcoholic should pour himself a drink.

"There is no right or wrong"... just do what is natural to you... and that will change over time.