The Unrest

The Unrest

Things are in a very strange state right now.  People are protesting during the day and looting and rioting during the night.  I've been unsure how I feel about it, and I've been trying to understand and process what is going on.  However, I do think I'm beginning understand the frustrations of people on the streets.

I've been on the receiving end of unjust police actions a couple of times in my life, though it pales in comparison to what others deal with.  

I've had the embarrassment of being pulled aside and placed on the hood of a car during a police check point, while neighbors, friends, and family drove by while the police searched my car and records looking for anything they could charge me with.

I've had the indignity of my personal belongings of suitcases, backpacks, and glovebox emptied on the side of the interstate, with cars wizzing by at 70 miles per hour.  This was after being pulled over for going 6 miles per hour over the speed limit and being passed by the cop doing 90+ on the interstate.  I was told I could let them search my vehicle or add a couple of hours to my road trip while we waited for the police dog to come because they "smelled marijuana".

These are trivial examples of when I felt the power of the state cross the line of what I thought was right.  I can only imagine how others who live in areas where the police deal with violence on a regular basis have been treated.  They are not just embarrassed or inconvenienced, but have to deal with going to jail, being physically attacked, and in some circumstances, losing their life.  However, I do think I understand the deep rooted anger that many are displaying.

The State failed miserably to prepare and deal with the coronavirus, and instead resorted to closing down the country and putting millions of people out of work.  The government apparatus injected trillions of dollars into the system which will only temporarily help the individual, but has sheltered the asset holding upper class from feeling any pain.  As millions of people are worried for their economic future, over a hundred thousand people have died from coronavirus, people are protesting in the street, and the cities are literally burning, the stock market marches upward.

The monetary system has totally dislocated from reality.

I support the protestors, condemn the looters, and am hopeful for the future.  Americans have proven many times they will not stand for injustice from the powers that be, and hopefully this will be a positive turning point in the long run where we can evaluate the system and take corrective action.